Friday, December 10, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets to Brighten a Tennessee Winter

Happy Bluebonnets 2

I shot this springtime view near Victoria, Texas, several years ago, looking up a roadside slope towards a rancher's field.

The camera was a Minolta SR-T 101* and the image is from a somewhat faded Kodak print that I scanned to my hard drive with my HP Scanjet 7400c. Afterwards, I enhanced the colors to suit my memory of them, using the image processor Irfanview.

This picture brings back one of my favorite memories. I was with one of my younger sisters at the time, and, if you look closely, you can see her little dog, Happy2, in the upper right-hand corner.

*See a description and picture of the camera here.

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  1. FROM "SIS"
    Beautiful bluebonnets! And it looks like Indian paintbrush behind them...that's our beautiful Texas!
    Here is the chorus of the famous song written and sung by W.(Wilbert)Lee O'Daniel, aka "Pappy" O'Daniel,
    34th Governor of Texas 1939-1941:

    Beautiful, beautiful Texas!
    Where the beautiful bluebonnets grow.
    We're proud of our forefathers
    Who fought at the Alamo.
    You can live on the plains or the mountains
    Or down where the sea breezes blow
    And you're still in beautiful Texas,
    The most beautiful place that I know.

    (copyrighted 1933 & 1934) I have original sheet music of this song, purchased during his governorship.



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