Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wind-blown April Wildflowers

On a sunny afternoon, as I went out with my camera to look at all the tiny wildflowers in the grass and the lone tulip trying to stand up to the stiff breezes, Robert Louis's poem "The Wind" came to mind. At times the noise of the gusts drowned out the ever-present birdsong.

Finally, I caught a good side view of the tulip. And near it the dandelion, and, under the old silver elm in the back yard, a multitude of tiny violets and spring beauties, with the occasional little wild strawberry mixed among them.

Photos I Love on My Walls

I got a print some time ago from Dierk Haasis of his wonderful image titled "North Sea Hijack". It's presently the featured art on his Imagekind page, from his Scapes gallery.

Another one hung on my hall wall where I can enjoy it every day is "Harbour Lights," also from his Imagekind Scapes gallery.

Here's a post that Dierk made on FaceBook on April 2:
"Wer zwischen meinen Fotos eines entdeckt, von dem er meint, es gehöre an seine Wand: anfragen. Sollte es nicht über Imagekind, bestellbar sein, kann ich es darüber verfügbar machen. Bis A3 [A3+ wenn randlos] ohne Rahmung geht auch direkt über mich. Das gilt für alle Fotos von mir bei Facebook, Flickr , Picasa und in den Slideshows auf DH2Publishing."

The last four links in this quote are places to see work that can be ordered directly from Dierk Haasis, if you can't find a particular picture you'd like at his Imagekind page.

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