Monday, March 4, 2013

Fallen Petals

From the Kwanzan cherry trees. Today it's very windy, and the early-blossoming trees finally began to lose a few blooms and individual pink petals, which have settled gently onto the bright green rye grass below. The trees are still crowded with beautiful blooms, though, and I expect we'll be able to enjoy them for some days yet.

Sturdy Snowstorm Survivors

The Kwanzan cherry trees that bloomed for Valentine's Day were unfazed by the overnight snow accumulations Friday evening into Saturday morning, March 2. Apparently not a single petal was lost. At least, I found none on the grass below the trees when I walked over to see about them yesterday afternoon. Bright sunlight was dappling the tree bole and the grass. It was so bright that I found it hard to see the Canon G2's view screen. Closeup, with the camera lens only inches from this very sturdy blossom and the tree's trunk.

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