Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fun with a fairy and a camera

A few weeks ago, while browsing, looking for miniature landscaping trees, I came across a fairy garden kit. Intrigued, I ordered one. It's meant for children, but it's been a lot of fun for me.
The kit came with a shallow bowl, potting sand, a seed mixture of wheat and beans, a "fairy," two mushrooms, three flowers, and two butterflies. There were paint pots and a brush for painting the fairy grotto and the mushrooms, but I haven't used those. Also, some shiny magic stones and some purple sparkly sand, with which to make a path to the fairy's grotto. I'm now on my second crop of wheat, while the lone surviving bean plant from my first planting is still thriving, though it has yet to show me a bean blossom.
Today I took the fairy doll outside with me and posed her in several settings -- a bark crevice on an old golden raintree,

where I tried to get a busy beetle into a photo with her, but he was too fast for me, and camera-shy, to boot.  
Here is my fairy-doll poised on a fern.
And here she is reclining on a Virginia creeper vine that's trying to colonize a railing near my back porch.

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