Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pride, another neighbor's pet

He was moving in and nuzzling me as I came through the front door of a neighbor's house. Couldn't manage to capture his full face.

Pride, closeup of a neighbor's pet, CRW_4744-1

Finally, we made it into the living room, where he settled peacefully near the fireplace.

Pride, a Golden Labrador, CRW_4746

He's not allowed on the rug -- concern about shedding hairs or about muddy feet?

Pride, another view of this golden labrador, CRW_4745

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Chubbs, pointing, CRW_4673

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Chubbs was chasing a tennis ball that his owner had launched by hitting it with a golf club. He's a young dog, a cross between a German pointer and a golden retriever, and he's very focused on acquiring the ball -- sometimes in midair -- and bringing it back. If it lands and he has to search for it, he will freeze stock-still in pointing stance until told to get it. I enjoyed watching him very much. He's also quite friendly and affectionate -- a wonderful pet.

My neighbor snapped the photo below of me with Chubbs, who is eager to get back to the tennis ball game:

Chubbs and Me, CRW_4672-1

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