Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild Strawberries

Here is a photo of a wild strawberry in the patch of lawn under the massive old maples next door. And one of a wild strawberry bloom in the same patch, which is thick with the triplets of toothed strawberry leaves, mixed in with the grass blades and the heart-shaped leaves of wild violets.
The tiny yellow wildflower that I photographed on Sunday afternoon and posted to this blog at that time was in the same general area, but I could not find it again this morning. I think it may have been a wild strawberry bloom, too, though I'm not completely sure of that identification. Reason: It had 6 petals. And all wild strawberries normally have only 5 petals, and also, of course, 5 sepals. I could not find any fruits with 6 sepals today among the maturing berries. However, I think that the flower I photographed on Sunday afternoon was connected to the spreading runners in this patch and was a fluke, or perhaps a genetic mutation. Here it is again, for comparison with the photo of the 5-petaled strawberry blossom above.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Walk on Mayfair

Tiny white blooms in the street-side hedge, a little golden 6-petaled wildflower in the grass, and a storm-blown sycamore leaf:

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