Friday, October 7, 2011

What tiny pink spikes are these?

There's a vine I don't know the name of which is growing in a tangled sprawl under the partial shade of a line of holly trees. In late September it began putting up extremely tiny bright pink spikes. They're so small that I can't tell whether they're flowers or fruits. The leaves are pointed ovals, at alternate intervals along the vine stems.

Tiny pink spikes, leaves alternate

Tiny pink spikes on low-growing vine

Vine with tiny pink spikes, in partial shade

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Around Avalon

On the Lipscomb campus stands the old farmhouse where the school's founder once lived. It was used for a time as the university president's home, but now it's operated as a mini-museum and bed&breakfast facility by an organization committed to its upkeep and to providing scholarship help for Lipscomb students.

Fall is evident in the bare rose garden and the tangled herb garden behind the old home's back entrance. And in the dogwood berries that I took pictures of on my way home from my walk.

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