Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wind-blown April Wildflowers

On a sunny afternoon, as I went out with my camera to look at all the tiny wildflowers in the grass and the lone tulip trying to stand up to the stiff breezes, Robert Louis's poem "The Wind" came to mind. At times the noise of the gusts drowned out the ever-present birdsong.

Finally, I caught a good side view of the tulip. And near it the dandelion, and, under the old silver elm in the back yard, a multitude of tiny violets and spring beauties, with the occasional little wild strawberry mixed among them.


  1. I really loved all the beautiful wildflowers -- Mother Nature's arrangements, but so artistically cropped, displayed by you.

    And your comments sent me hastily to the Internet to read Stevenson's poem.

  2. Glad you enjoyed these pictures, Sis. And the poem from A Child's Garden of Verses, with its refrain, "O wind a-blowing all day long/ O wind that sings so loud a song."

    My own enjoyment is doubled when I can share my pleasure in the outdoors with you.


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