Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the Home Front

In the Upstairs Office

Here is my father, standing in the office which adjoined his, upstairs in the hardware store. His employer, who by that time had made him a vice-president of the company (which had expanded to include lumber yards, filling stations, an International Harvester Dealership, and a Hudson dealership, as well as a funeral home), is seated at the desk beside him. The glassed-in area overlooked the hardware and furniture display room which one entered from the street. Fine china was displayed nearest the front, hardware in the back, with a long counter and packaging supplies in the center of the downstairs area. A few feet beyond the counter, centered, were the wide stairs which led up to the offices. This 8x10 photo is glued into an album sent to me by my mother, some years after my father's death. The note "July 3, 1941" is in her handwriting.

I scanned it into my hard drive with my HP scanner. The glossy photo is so clear that it required no further processing at all.

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