Monday, December 23, 2013

How the Christmas Cat Appropriated My Eyeglasses

Yesterday I was playing with my camera, experimenting with taking pictures of myself. I laid my glasses down nearby, on the piano top, because they were bouncing the camera's flash.

And quick as lightning, Thistle -- earlier nowhere in sight -- was beside them. At first he pretended that he was ignoring his intended prey.  Then he turned and delicately poked it.  Finally, he crouched down beside my only pair of glasses, as if to say: "I was only temporarily lending you this toy to wear on your face, and now that you've taken it off, I want it back!  And I dare you to try to reach for it.  So there."

I managed to get a couple of interesting, at least to me, shots of my face as I was observing this unwelcome behavior from my favorite pet and constant companion, before contesting his claim that my glasses belonged to him.  And I won, too.  (I usually win these arguments with him, though sometimes I just let him have whatever he's appropriated.)

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