Saturday, April 28, 2012

College Class Reunion -- after 65 years

Last weekend I went to the campus of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor for a reunion of the Class of '47. Here's a link to a Dropbox album with dozens of jpegs and 18 videos (mp4 format), as a sampling of the wonderful time we had together.
Among the jpegs is this group photo of the 9 class members who were able to make the trip to Belton, Texas. There were only 50 in our graduating class. Sadly, 20 of us are now deceased. And 10 we have completely lost touch with. But the rest of us have remained fast friends for nearly 70 years. And it was wonderful that 9 of us could be back together again for all the festivities. Here's the link to the UMHB website, which shows how much our alma mater has grown and changed from the wartime years when it was a small, liberal arts girls boarding school. We received an excellent education during the height of WWII and the immediate postwar years. And now the university, much expanded from those days, is offering graduate work in several fields and a doctorate in business, education, and nursing science, while still clinging to all the old traditions that have bonded us all so closely together.


  1. That's wonderful, Mary. Bet you had a brilliant time.

  2. Thanks, Celia. I truly did have a brilliantly wonderful time!


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