Monday, January 3, 2011

Old Folks at Home

Many of the elderly residents at The Meadows, where my older sister now lives, have been her friends for over 60 years, well before any of them began to need nursing-home care. And quite a few of those were gathered for a new year's sing-along, with professional musicians adding to the enjoyment of the music and the companionship. I made a lot of pictures, but can't show them here, on account of the need to protect people's privacy. But here's a detail I cropped of the view of the sunny outdoors through the hall's back windows, looking past the residents who were sitting nearest to me.

I hope you can make out one of the tables already laid for supper, in the center-left foreground, and the distant blue Tennessee hills through the window panes.

Detail, The Meadows Dining Hall January 2, 2011

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