Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roses in Bloom

On the Granny White side of the Lipscomb University campus, near Avalon Hall, there is a little rose garden -- two rectangular beds, separated by a grassy median with a stone bench and an ornamental urn at one end and a small gazebo at the other. An identifying plaque says, "Ruth O'Brien Rose Garden." In this snapshot, the small strip shopping center across the street can be seen in the background:

Ruth O'Brien Rose Garden at Lipscomb University, Near Avalon Hall

Here is a view down the median between the two beds, with Granny White Pike showing in the top left of the photo and a parking lot on the campus, top right. The little rose bushes are nevertheless thriving, flanked though they are by heavy traffic daily.

Rose Beds on the Lipscomb Campus

One of the red rose bushes:

Red Rose Bush

A red blossom:

Red Rose. Top View

And two views of a pink bloom:

Pink Rose, Side View

Pink Rose, Top View

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