Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mid-April Honeysuckle

Here is a close-up of some honeysuckle blossoms by the back fence. They were fully bloomed out on the morning of April 18.

April Honeysuckle Near the Back Yard Fence

I have to confess that they are so small that I could not get zoomed in enough to frame the image as I've presented it here. I cropped the surrounding vines and blossoms heavily when I processed the photo in an image editor.


  1. How can my readers resist commenting on my beautiful honeysuckle close-up?

  2. I know I can't! Do these flowers grow in your yard? They're very pretty.

    Guess what! A man from the Times Tribune asked me to write limericks for an upcoming column they're writing in honor of National Limerick Day! I'm really excited to get the details.

  3. Yes, the flowers are on the honeysuckle vine which climbs my back fence.

    Jeff, congratulations on getting your limericks published in the Times Tribune!

    Maybe you could write a limerick announcing the way you're being honored, on your A Limerick A Day blog?

  4. It smells better than it looks..: )

  5. Jen thank you so much for this comment!

    Honeysuckle does indeed smell wonderful.

    I think spring has come on early in my neighborhood, this year.


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